What my clients say ....

I am proud to bring my customers treatments that work, when they are happy, I am happy.


A handwritten review from a young man I worked with, Tristan - Aged 9.

Client Review

I have had several treatments from Willo over the years, usually for some structural pain in my hips, shoulders or neck. I have never been disappointed with her treatments, be they using EFT or QT. I was new to QT and didn’t know what to expect. I loved that if something appeared not to happen in the treatment room it happened overnight and I woke pain free. We know that energy has no timeline and this wonderful treatment in the hands of this skilled practitioner appears to show that. I’d highly recommend Willo as a practitioner
for her skill and professionalism.
Dr Biddy Househam (Reiki M/T, EFT AP, EEM CLP)

Elaine Summers review

I attended a session of quantum touch with Willo for treatment of
chronic pain and sciatica. I lay down for a total of one hour and whilst
she worked around my body I felt the pain miraculously seep away!! I was
very deeply relaxed, still a niggle on the sciatic nerve… but she
worked and focused on the remaining pain till it disappeared! I know!
When she left I walked to the shops, normally I would hobble…..
couldn’t believe it… no pain and a lot faster!!
I am attending on a regular basis now and can’t thank Willo enough for
helping me.
Not convinced?? GIVE IT A TRY!!!
What have you got to lose other than pain! 

Sharron Griffiths

Willo ran a series of sessions with a cohort of young
people at a large secondary school. She was very considerate and
compassionate to their needs, understanding what they required from the
sessions. Willo made sure it wasn’t just the ‘doing’ of EFT techniques
that she was teaching, she was tuned into some specific needs. All of
the young people enjoyed the sessions and understood how and why EFT
would benefit them. We would welcome Willo back anytime.